Eulogy of Crows


This page contains information about the world, cast, and locations in Eulogy of Crows.


The Threshold

Also called: The Honeycomb Plane, El Tejido, Das Gewebe.

The world they live in. A seemingly infinite space of hexagonal “cells”, made out of the dreams of the living (and sometimes, the dead).

Cells can be the size of rooms or cities. The dead can explore dreams and bring home objects they find.

The Threshold regularly intersects with other line, plane, and space worlds, like the living world. This seems to be the mechanism by which people enter and leave the Threshold.


Samantha Roy-Worrell & Elli Edelstein

Two friends that like to explore the Threshold. They live with Alana and Yasmin.

Alana Mitlitsky & Yasmin Ruíz

Two friends that like to document the Threshold. These days, they mostly stay at home.

The Stormchaser & Victor

Two strangers that Alana keeps up with through letters. Victor's gone missing.

Greta & Cato

The manifestations of a third, unseen person. The two run The Chambered Shell, an inn with an infinite number of rooms.


A loose organization of people who like to test the limits of the Threshold. Known for chasing meteorological phenomena unique to the Interstate, as well as anchoring permanent structures to the Threshold.

Denizens, Living People, & The Crows

The Denizens of the Threshold are people who have passed away. Some people arrive at the Threshold with an unchanging cell that reminds them of home. Others find a home. It seems that people can and will eventually leave the Threshold, but how and why they do is poorly documented.

Living people can be encountered in dreams. However, they are difficult to communicate with, as they have their own agendas and move quickly in and out of the Threshold. The best approach, if there is any, is to play along in their dreams as an actor.

Crows are the ever watchful creatures of the afterlife. They can be seen loitering around, or flying high up in the sky in a large, bustling network called the Firmament. If you give them a treat, they might help you out in exchange.


Alana’s Cabin

Alana’s hexagonal cell. A cabin with an apiary nearby, as well as a repurposed windmill. Various travellers have helped her build and maintain it over the years. A river runs through the nearby hills and connects to Yasmin’s cell.

Has a day cycle, but no seasons.

Yasmin’s Duplex

Yasmin’s hexagonal cell. A duplex on an empty street block, with a small convenience store and gas station on one end. On the other end, there is a small park with a wooded area. A river runs through the park and connects to Alana’s cell.

Has a seasonal cycle, but no nights.

Sam’s Dollhouse

Sam’s attempt at understanding the Stormchasers’ experiments with the Threshold. A hexagonal, concrete room with an overhead projector pointed at a glass dollhouse in the center of the room.

So far, the experiments with the projector and dollhouse have only managed to stretch time into a thin, infinitely slow filament.

The Chambered Shell

Greta & Cato’s inn. A building with an infinite set of inward-spiralling chambers. They don't get a lot of customers, so Greta & Cato have taken to decorating the place as a sort of Wunderkammer.

The Van

The Stormchaser’s home and mode of transportation. Contains instruments for predicting the contents of dreams in cells, as well as the intersection spots between worlds.

The Landmover

Victor's base of operation. A large earth excavator mounted on a crawler-transporter. Has disappeared along with its owner.

The Index

An unusually large city with a space program.


Any cluster of stable, mapped dreams that people like to live in and explore. Comparable to suburbs or rural areas. Yasmin and Alana’s cells, as well as a few cells surrounding them, make up the neighborhood that they, Sam, and Elli live in.


Cells with a large alloted landmass, and an equally large population. Tend to have their own histories, economies, and customs.

The Interstate / La Jungla / Das Labyrinth

A region of unpopulated cells between neighborhoods. Cells closer to home generally contain stable, recurring dreams, while cells further out in the interstate are more chaotic.

The Firmament / Las Estrellas / Die Blutgefäße

A distant network of crows in the sky, migrating somewhere. Resemble a spider's web, or veins propagating from a singular point.


Cells that have been flooded. After a flood, their geography changes, and they become too large to cross.